The National Social Security Fund (NSSF) is a National Saving Scheme mandated by the Lebanese Government through the National Social Security Fund Act number 13955 dated on the 26th September 1963 and published in the official newspaper in the appendix issued on 30th September 1963.


A clearance or quietus indicates that a company had made all social security payments to the National Security Fund. A full clearance is mandatory to dismiss partners and to amend the company’s status. It is valid for one year and is issued upon request submitted at Social Security Fund offices.

Company / Employees’ Registration

Audaccon ensures that all employees are registered with NSSF as per the Lebanese Labor Law. This includes filling the registration form, generating the employee’s number, issuing a certificate of registration, & all related opposite actions to remove an employee from the NSSF.

Calculation of NSSF Contributions

NSSF tables are prepared monthly or quarterly, depending on the number of employees registered in a company, and contributions are remitted within the legal deadlines preventing unnecessary penalties and fines.