Passion is the Key of Success

In the world of accounting, anyone can read numbers but not everyone has the passion to make these figures shape the future. Every business owner has a story and vision that got him inspired to start his company. At Audaccon, we have ours which inspire us to help others pursue their dreams. Audaccon was created to assist in control “cont”, accounting “acc”, and consulting “con”. With the love and passion of its partners, Audaccon became “Audaccon-RLP” carrying its partners’ / family initials in heart as the source of passion of its founder.

Audaccon-RLP was founded in 2003 by Roger Younan, a CPA certified who has decided to transfer the wealth of experience accumulated in worldwide companies to bring the international standards of control and accounting to his beloved country and the Middle East.

Starting from scratch with only one client in 2003, passion, love of work, ambition, and the commitment of protecting clients’ interests as if were ours, are what empowered us to increase our efforts to reach beyond their expectations and have more than 200 clients in the region today.

Audaccon-RLP is not only a family business represented by its owners but here we form one team with one target, one heart … one loving family.

“Think big, plan big, become even bigger” has always been our motive to develop innovative solutions ensuring exceptional service matching our clients’ needs and requests, anticipating a successful long-term relationship.

We thank you for your trust in us. Without you, none of this would have been possible.

Wishing you and your company the best.


Roger Younan
Managing Partner